Magento Certified Developer!

As of Valentines day I am now a Magento Certified Developer!

The benefits of this are pretty huge, as Magneto is a pretty tricky thing to work with and a lot of people claim to be able to do  it. I now have a certificate that proves I can walk the walk!

It wasn’t an easy exam but thankfully, proper preparation helped to prevent a poor performance!

On top of this, my lovely employers PushON need as many MCD’s as possible to help maintain it’s position as a leading northwest Magento agency.

21. February 2013 by James
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What I’m All About

Hello there! I’m a web developer based out of a small town near Manchester in the UK.

More specifically I’m a PHP/JS Developer,  I know my way around MySQL and I specialise in doing clever things with WordPress and Drupal. Oh, and Magento – can’t forget that! (I’m currently working towards the certified Magento developer qualification).James Sims

I’m proud to have worked for award winning online agency PushON for the past few years, although I love development enough to spend my free time coding, learning and keeping sharp – so if you have something you think I can help with get in touch through the contact page.

What have I done lately? Have a look at my recent work section and see what you think!

11. April 2012 by James
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